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Case of the Evil Round Brush

Not every hairdressing emergency revolves around salvaging a bad cut or covering some exposed gray.  I remember one time, while working the front desk of the salon, a young woman came through the door and marched right up to the desk.  We all looked at her with a combination of shock and sympathy as she pointed to small round brush stuck in her bangs and said,  “I think you can see why I’m here.”  I led her immediately back to one of our shampoo bowls where upon I tried to remove the brush myself.  Why I thought I would have better luck than she had in her own bathroom is beyond me.  Her hair was wrapped so tightly around that brush and it appeared that after she had twisted it one way, she also twisted it the other.  That hair was as stuck as stuck could be around that brush.  I was having no luck at all freeing it. To make matter s worse she revealed to me, “I am graduating from law school and I’m supposed to have pictures taken today.  I knew we just had to get that brush out.  Soon a few of our hairstylists and our shampoo techs went to work on trying to remove the brush from the front of her head.  It took about an hour to slowly, a few strands at a time, wrap and pull and untwist the hair from the knotted confines of that bristle brush.  One of our shampoo techs did most of the work and finally, with the help of some deep conditioners all of the hair came off the brush with almost no breakage at all.  The young woman was so happy.  We gave her a quick blowout and style on the house and sent her on her way just in time to meet the photographer!

Micah Cargo