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Mel Hammons

Master Stylist

Mel Hammons has been a popular presence on the hairdressing scene for more than 9 years now and is one o highly demanded stylists.  Mel began her career in hair as a young, poor, soon-to-be medical student in Baltimore, Maryland. While in Baltimore, Mel took on two jobs to simply make ends meet and quickly gained a third at a locally renowned hair salon called Eastbank Hair working under Italian-trained stylist and owner, Scott Schools. “Scott was quite a patient man, to say the least. After a couple major fiascos while attempting to shampoo hair, he and I both realized that wasn’t quite my ‘calling.’ That next week, I remember this specific client with the curliest, thickest, longest hair that I had ever seen walked into the salon and Scott told me I was to blow-dry and polish her hair twice a week until I knew how to blow-dry. I spent the next 3 hours cursing my shoulders, my brush, my boss, the blowdryer, and the client (even though it wasn’t her fault I was terrible). I also spent the next 3 weeks wondering why I gave up a medical career and second guessing my ability to actually succeed.”


Before Baltimore, Mel had spent most of her life in Birmingham, AL where she went to high-school and then attended UAB for undergraduate school. “Growing up, academics was my life. I was not the most athletically inclined of the family, but I had ALL the brains, and my parents made sure that I had everything that I needed to succeed academically and to reach my full potential. I put any and every artistic endeavor aside so that I could focus on school.” After graduating high school and then college, with medical school looming before her in Baltimore, Mel's side job at the hair salon sparked something within her that caused her to choose a career path that actually challenged her, and that career was hair. “Hair never came easy to me in the beginning. I wasn’t born to do hair, and I have no cute story about starting to do hair on my Barbie's when I was 5, though I did cut my own bangs around that time. I was never the ‘fashion-forward’ girl in middle and high school who everyone knew was going to make a name for herself in this type of industry. I chose to do hair because the first time that I ever applied color, I was intrigued, it felt right, I was really good at it, and most importantly, I wanted more because everything I had in my hands felt like it was supposed to be there.”


After working in Baltimore for almost 2 years, Mel decided to come back home to Birmingham and started at Sanctuary a few weeks later. She started as an apprentice under owner and creative director stylist, Todd Cargo, and her full potential became very apparent, very fast. “Having those couple of years at Eastbank under my belt, I felt like I was very prepared for this apprenticeship and I wanted to make the most of it that I possibly could. Relatively rapidly, I went from supervised root colors to foils to color consultations on my own.” Because Mel chose to use those 2 years with Todd to her benefit, she has become a highly sought-out stylist at Sanctuary.


“Many clients would say that my specialty is blonde hair, but I truly hate to put myself in such a little niche, though 99% of the time, I agree. I simply know that my strongest suite is hair color in general. I currently work with Schwarzkopf hair color, but have worked with Framesi, Redken, Wella, and Aveda as well. As far as continuing education is concerned, I can pick up the latest issue of Vogue and get as much knowledge of the latest trends as I can going to the most well known hair shows in the biggest cities in the world, though I do attend those as well from time to time. Honestly, my philosophy is this: soft, natural, beautiful, healthy. I am not the girl who does what each of you call ‘hairdresser hair.’ I feel that my strengths lie in my communication and approachability, though being brutally honest and a little abrasive at times can be necessary. My career is why I get up in the morning; it’s what makes me smile. People inspire me and beauty inspires me, but the real reward is when you can make art, hair, lifestyle, beauty, and desire come together on one canvas. I am an artist, and hair is my medium.’

"Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself." ~Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985


Prices (Prices are subjected to change)

Blowdry    $45

Haircut with Style   $63

Single color    $75

Full Foil   $165

Partial Foil   $150

Dry cut/wet cut    $46

Mens cut    $40