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Todd Cargo

Master Stylist/Owner

Todd Cargo has been a recognizable name among the Birmingham hairdressing community for over twenty years.  Over those two decades he has built up a stellar reputation as one of Birmingham's foremost colorists.  In fact, Todd has trained many of the city's leading new stylists, all of whom sought him out specifically for his expertise in color and highlighting.  But Todd isn't just a master colorist, he also has a sterling reputation in town for his haircuts.  A Todd cut grows out beautifully minimizing the need for the "emergency cut".  After so many years in this industry, its no wonder that Todd remains one of Birminghams most popular hairdressers.

With all of that said, don't think for a minute that Todd has developed a big head just because he's a popular stylist, his whole goal for opening Sanctuary was to combat that kind of mentality.  As Todd says it, "I wanted to create a warm atmosphere where people could have a high end experience without having to deal with pretension and a stuffy environment."  Todd explains further, "I wanted my salon to be a place people enjoyed coming to.  A place where they are more than just our next appointment.  I am one of the best at what I do.  I don't think that is arrogant to say because it is true--but just because it is true does not mean that I am not lucky or grateful that people choose me for their haircare.  They could just as easily choose someone else.  So when a person comes to my salon I want them to know that I appreciate it."

Todd's hairdressing career began right after his high school graduation.  "I got on the bus for California the next day after high school ended,"  Todd explains.  "I wanted to be a hairdresser and I wanted to learn hair the West Coast way.  I have always believed that southern hair and California hair share many similar characteristics, so I went to the coast to learn."  After finishing Cosmetology school in San Diego, Todd took an apprenticeship position at a nationally known southern California salon.  Once Todd believed he had absorbed enough information to come home and start his own career he returned to Birmingham and took another apprentice position, this time locally, with Birmingham legend Eric Egea, who taught him everything he needed to know about building a celebrity-stylist career right here in Birmingham, Alabama.  After about 10 years working in local salons, Todd decided to open Sanctuary.   He also hoped to give back to the hairdressing community by teaching up and coming young stylists the craft as generously as Todd was taught by his mentors.  For almost a full decade Todd was also known as The Style Guy in Birmingham Magazine.  Every month he wrote about the hair industry, the beauty industry and answered questions from readers.  He ended his long run at the end of 2010 when he and his partner Micah's son became a toddler and family time trumped writing.


Prices (Prices are subjected to change)

Blowdry    $44

Haircut with Style   $74

Single color    $89

Full Foil   $155

Partial Foil   $115

Dry cut/wet cut    $54

Mens cut    $52